Café au Lait series

“Café au Lait” is a trilogy that was first published as a novel in 2008 (427 pages). Here, I will go along with the 2021 Kindle edition

Title: A Heated Encounter (Book 1), A Flaming Attraction (Book 2), A Greater Lover (Book 3)

Author: Liane Spicer (Twitter Page)

Country: Trinidad & Tobago

Genre: contemporary romance / 3x novella


When Shari runs away to the sultry Caribbean island of Trinidad in search of rest, relaxation, and maybe even a little no-strings romance, what she doesn’t expect to find there is a stubborn, sexy man determined to make her face the things she desperately wants to forget.

Why is Michael so intrigued by a woman whose icy attitude seems designed to discourage any man who tries to get too close? Her plan is to love him, leave him, and return to the life she left on hold. But Michael doesn’t give up easily, and he’ll use every tool in his sensual arsenal, every moment of each heated tropical night to convince Shari that her place is on the island…and that his heart belongs to her.

Release date: 2021

Pages: ???

Language: English




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