[Podcast] Tim Tim? Bwa Fik! – Joanne C. Hillhouse (2/2)

Tim Tim? Bwa Fik! Welcome to episode 4 Part 2 Joanne C. Hillhouse is from Antigua. She’s the author of “Dancing Nude in the Moonlight”. In this second segment, we talk about the importance of writing from our point of view as Afrocaribbean women and not from the white gaze perspective. We talk about being intentional to write our people in a multidimensional way and we also talk about the impact of her books on her audience. Her publishing journey is very diverse, but her passion for writing and creating stories is as strong as when she started 20 years ago.


With Rilzy Adams [2/2] Tim Tim? Bwa Fik!

Tim Tim? Bwa Fik! Welcome to episode 5. Part 2. Rilzy Adams is from Antigua and Barbuda. She’s the author of the “Love on the Rock” series. In this second segment, we talked about how important it is to write Caribbean characters practicing safe sex. Rilzy also explains why she chose to self-publish and has no plan to change her process to get her stories out there for now. Stay tuned for more. #2TimBF *** timtimbwafik.com timtimbwafik@gmail.com IG: @timtimbwafik *** Music: Yenki Vou – Meemee Nelzy  (A/C: M.Nelzy/M. Nelzy)
  1. With Rilzy Adams [2/2]
  2. With Rilzy Adams [1/2]
  3. With Joanne C. Hillhouse [2/2]
  4. With Joanne C. Hillhouse [1/2]
  5. With Callie Browning (2/2)

0:00 – 1:15: intro +  opening credits

1:16 – 3:09: update on my life + themes of today’s discussion

3:10 – 7:01: her motivation to tell the story of two sisters’ dynamic in “Dancing Nude in the Moonlight”

7:02 -9:54: why and how Joanne C. Hillhouse wrote “Musical Youth” in two weeks

9:55 – 15:15: her “Black is beautiful” mission in her writing

15:16 – 18:15: how Blackness is still seen as negative and the need for self-love to show our humanity

18:16 : how she’s all about “keeping it real” to stay authentic

25:04 : how Caribbean readers have high expectations when it comes to accurate representation

28:02 -30:54: how we need to be ourselves when we write about us and stop overexplaining ourselves

30:55 – 40:28 : the diversity of her publishing journey

40:29 – 44:40: the stigma around self-publishing in the early 00’s in the Caribbean + the obligation to seek traditional publishers outside of the Caribbean

44:41 – 49:13: how she’s a literature fangirl at heart + the story of the 10-year anniversary edition of “Dancing Nude in the Moonlight” with fanfictions

49:14 – 49:39: her advice to her younger self

49:38 – 51:17: outro

Music: Yenki Vou – Meemee Nelzy (A/C: M.Nelzy/M. Nelzy)

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