[Podcast] Tim Tim? Bwa Fik! – Rilzy Adams (2/2)

Tim Tim? Bwa Fik! Welcome to episode 5. Rilzy Adams is from Antigua and Barbuda. She’s the author of the “Love on the Rock” series. In this second segment, we talked about how important it is to write Caribbean characters practicing safe sex. Rilzy also explains why she chose to self-publish and has no plan to change her process to get her stories out there for now.


With Tati Richardson (Romance in Colour podcast) Tim Tim? Bwa Fik!

Yé Moun La ! I thought it would be interesting to look at what’s going on in the Black romance community in the United States. I invited author Tati Richardson from the Romance in Colour podcast. She just released her debut novel “The Build up”. She will give us her insight on the Black romance landscape in the US, the diversity her book brings to the Black romance narrative, and how being involved in a community is important. The last part of our discussion was about the cultural diversity behind the word Blackness. tatiannarichardson.com | @RichardWritesOn *** timtimbwafik.com timtimbwafik@gmail.com IG: @timtimbwafik *** Music: Yenki Vou – Meemee Nelzy  (A/C: M.Nelzy/M. Nelzy)
  1. With Tati Richardson (Romance in Colour podcast)
  2. Black romance, romance noire, regards croisés sur la littérature sentimentale
  3. 1st Anniversary Special avec Tessa Naime (4/4)
  4. 1st Anniversary Special with Candi (3/4)
  5. 1st Anniversary special with Callie Browning (2/4)

0:00 – 1:06: intro +  opening credits

1:07 – 1:53: first goodbye and introduction to this final discussion.

1:54 – 5:03: how Rilzy decided to write the “Love on the Rock” series.

5:04 – 7:45: how she describes the “Love on the Rock” series in three words

7:46 – 9:55: The first Caribbean romcom film “The Sweetest Mango” + her “Love on the Rock” series vs. the lack of love representation in Guadeloupean films

9:56 – 11:02: how she’s intentional about writing happy Caribbean characters

11:03 – 12:15: how she’s matter-of-fact about the physical descriptions

12:16 – 17:25: how she writes sex scenes and the importance of writing safe sex scenes

17:26 – 21:33: how she’s intentional about representing Afrocaribbean men as loving and affectionate persons

21:34 – 24:50: her definition of being authentically Caribbean

24:51 – 25:34: why she decided to self-publish

25:35 – 27:25: her writing routine + her editing process

27:26 – 32:00: why she won’t go down the traditional publishing path + how people look down on self-publishing

32:01- 34:50: e-books vs. physical books vs. audiobooks

34:51 – 38:49: how Caribbean readers look down on romance + why I want Caribbean readers to see themselves happy in our stories

38:50 – 42:42: her writing advice to her younger self

42:43 – 44:24: outro

Music: Yenki Vou – Meemee Nelzy (A/C: M.Nelzy/M. Nelzy)


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  1. jhohadli says:

    The player link is taking me to part 1 not part 2. I don’t see a part 2/2 player on the page.


    1. Moi says:

      You’re absolutely right! I thought I had scheduled the episode on Anchor… Thanks for letting me know! It will be up in a few minutes!


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