[Podcast] Tim Tim? Bwa Fik – 1st anniversary special (2/4)

Yé Moun La ! Let’s celebrate “Tim Tim? Bwa Fik!” first anniversary with a couple of updates with guests from season 1. Check out my discussion with Callie Browning (Barbados) who released “The Vanishing Girls” in 2021 and is working on “Beneath The Sunlit Sea”. calliebrowning.com

With Tati Richardson (Romance in Colour podcast) Tim Tim? Bwa Fik!

Yé Moun La ! I thought it would be interesting to look at what’s going on in the Black romance community in the United States. I invited author Tati Richardson from the Romance in Colour podcast. She just released her debut novel “The Build up”. She will give us her insight on the Black romance landscape in the US, the diversity her book brings to the Black romance narrative, and how being involved in a community is important. The last part of our discussion was about the cultural diversity behind the word Blackness. tatiannarichardson.com | @RichardWritesOn *** timtimbwafik.com timtimbwafik@gmail.com IG: @timtimbwafik *** Music: Yenki Vou – Meemee Nelzy  (A/C: M.Nelzy/M. Nelzy)


0:00 – 1:02: opening credits

1:03 – 1:39: intro

1:40 – 6:59: what Callie Browning has been up to since August 2021 : ranking, contest win, trip to Europe

7:00 – 9:24: how it’s about trusting the process and making efforts regardless of external validation

9:25 – 12:07: her decision to become a full-time author

12:08 – 16:15: her upcoming projects: Beneath The Sunlit Sea + a YA Fantasy novel

16:16 – 22:09: my take on French Caribbean authors writing Caribbean futurism that act like they’re first and don’t acknowledge the work of Caribbean English-speaking authors in this genre

22:10 – 16:15 : dreams about Callie’s stories being turned into films + thoughts on being in your 30’s and turning 40

25:42 – 26:32: outro


Eugenia O’Neal: vintage.caribbean 

Joanne C. Hillhouse: jhohadli.wordpress.com

Rilzy Adams: rilzywrites.com

N.G Peltier: ngpeltier.com


Music: Yenki Vou – Meemee Nelzy  (A/C: M.Nelzy/M. Nelzy)


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