[Podcast] Tim Tim? Bwa Fik! x Romance in Colour

Yé Moun La! Today, I’m switching things up a little bit with a special discussion. I thought it would be interesting to look at what’s going on in the Black romance community in the United States. I invited author Tati Richardson (Romance in colour Podcast) who just released her debut novel “The Build up”. She will give us her insight on the Black romance landscape in the US, the diversity her book brings to the Black romance narrative, and how being involved in a community is important. The last part of our discussion was about the cultural diversity behind the word Blackness. I hope you will enjoy this conversation.

0:00 – 3:07: opening credits + intro

3:08 – 5:20: Tati Richardson’s self introduction + the first reactions about her debut novel “The Build Up”

5:21 – 9:35: the challenges in writing a dual POV

9:36 – 13:49: writing romance with characters in their 40’s

13:50 – 15:35: how to keep podcasting book reviews while being an author

15:36 – 17:25: how podcasting helps growing the romance community 

17:26 – 20:52: the evolution of the Black romance (authors) community in the past 5 years

20:53 – 23:34: her take on the similarities between Black romance and Caribbean romance 

23:35 – 26:17: the French Black romance issues

26:18 – 30:47: Tati’s publishing journey

30:48 – 35:19: how she handles her promo campaign 

35:20 – 37:49: her upcoming projects (Lost in the Stack, a Georgia Tech podcast) 

37:50 – 42:29: why US Black romance romanticizes France

42:30 – 45:11: brief history of Creole people in the US 

45:12 – 47:59: what it’s like to be a Black Caribbean person

48:00 – 51:31: the invisibility of Black people in French TV shows

51:32 – 53:32: the parallel between the Black experience in France and the Black experience in the US

53:33 – 54:50: the lack of diversity in Black representation today

54:51 – 56:11 : how Caribbean films help me define myself

56:12 – 57:39: outro + bloopers

Episode recorded on April 30th 2023.


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