Sharing the romance in the Caribbean

Tim Tim? Bwa Fik!

Karayib. Lanmou. Kominate

Caribbean. Love. Community.

Caraïbe. Amour. Communauté.

Caribe. Amor. Comunidad.

Caraïbische. Liefde. Gemeenschap.

4 goals

Celebrate our literature

Curate love stories with our people loving each other

Promote our authors

Share our happiness in our own terms

What does “Tim Tim? Bwa Fik” mean? French Caribbean storytellers will shout “tim tim” and their audience must reply “bwa sèk” to show that they’re listening. This expression is so deeply representative of French Caribbean culture that famous group Kassav even has a song about it.

So I just transformed the last word into the word fic for fiction but with the Kréyol spelling. Fic -> fik. “Tim Tim? Bwa Fik” is first and foremost about sharing, curating and celebrating Caribbean storytelling.