[Podcast] Tim Tim? Bwa Fik! – Callie Browning


Tim Tim? Bwa Fik! Welcome to episode 3. Callie Browning is from Barbados. She’s the author of “The Girl With the Hazel Eyes” and “The Vanishing Girls”. In this second segment, we discuss how intentional she is about representing her culture in a multidimensional way. We also take a look at our definition of being a Caribbean indie author in this current economy and how she combines her creative mindset with a business mindset.


With Rilzy Adams [2/2] Tim Tim? Bwa Fik!

Tim Tim? Bwa Fik! Welcome to episode 5. Part 2. Rilzy Adams is from Antigua and Barbuda. She’s the author of the “Love on the Rock” series. In this second segment, we talked about how important it is to write Caribbean characters practicing safe sex. Rilzy also explains why she chose to self-publish and has no plan to change her process to get her stories out there for now. Stay tuned for more. #2TimBF *** timtimbwafik.com timtimbwafik@gmail.com IG: @timtimbwafik *** Music: Yenki Vou – Meemee Nelzy  (A/C: M.Nelzy/M. Nelzy)
  1. With Rilzy Adams [2/2]
  2. With Rilzy Adams [1/2]
  3. With Joanne C. Hillhouse [2/2]
  4. With Joanne C. Hillhouse [1/2]
  5. With Callie Browning (2/2)

0:00 – 1:19: intro +  opening credits

1:19 – 2:02: Episode 3 Part 2 introduction

2:03-4:29: how “The Vanishing Girls” ended up being a follow-up to “The Girl with the Hazel Eyes”.

4:30-7:00: why she describes her book as thought provoking + how her book is a time capsule.

7:01-8:41: how she created Holden, her male lead character.

8:42-11:05: her approach to describing Black characters.

11:06-16:16: how she’s intentional about showing a multidimensional society + her take on reviewers’ feedback.

16:17 – 26:14: we play fancast for a film adaptation. Who would you pick to portray Eileen and Holden?

26:15 -28:49: why she self-published her books and why she wants to keep creative control.

28:50-31:34: how to edit a book when you self-publish = get betareaders in the genre you write.

31:35-40:14: why she didn’t try to go the traditional publishing path + how important it is to approach writing as a business.

40:15 – 41:15: her advice to her younger self.

41:16 – 43:25: outro

Music: Yenki Vou – Meemee Nelzy (A/C: M.Nelzy/M. Nelzy)

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